Technohacker Coding

Ages 9+, Thursday 3:15 to 5pm(ish).

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The Technohackers Coding is all about getting into coding and dreaming about the cool game they are going to create or the software you want to build. You can start in this group without knowing what you are doing and work towards your own creations (not knowing what your doing is where we all start). This group is about learning coding to make games and then some of us might get distracted into making and programming programs. Because why not.

Contact Kevin for more information. Participants will need access to laptop, perseverance and a love of computer games. We have a couple spare laptops and are always looking for not-too-old donations. The group is supported by our older Questionable Research Lab members (Technohackers members who are older and are now our team of experts).

If you would like to join in here is the term 1 sign-up form.

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