Questionable Projects Group

Thursday 5:30pm to 8:30pm

[Code, Play, Eat, Talk, Make, Code]

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This group is for Teens who are interested in playing with ideas and maybe turning some of them into reality. This might be game development, playing with hardware, robotics, web development and other random science and technology related activities. Running: Thursdays 6pm to 8pm from the Whangarei Club (Rust Ave).

For some the goal is to learn how to make games and code in a relaxed environment with others doing the same thing. For others it is about working together on questionable projects (current examples include, modifying a vending machine to be vend the unexpected; learning Unity; hacked VR headset; developing a water tank sensing/reporting device; adding muscle stimulation to a VR game; building a cloud chamber to visualize ionising radiation; setting up a gameserver etc). We help each other and generally just have fun as we ramp up our skills and play with ideas. Sometimes this is all disaster and confusion, but sometimes it’s brilliant. Both are important.

Kevin coordinates and runs the sessions. We get a pile of pizza or burgers for a shared dinner (plus drinks and fruit) so bring $5-$8.50+. If you would like to join us here is the sign-up form.

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