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Technology Groups

We are currently running the following groups. If you wish to join a group or help form a new group focusing on your own area of interest, please get in touch with Kevin via our contact page… If you are looking for the sign up page here is a link.

Technohackers Science and Technology Group

Ages 9+, Tuesday 3:15 to 5:00pm.

The Science and Technology session is an after school group for kids and young teens looks into science and technology with a bit of an experimental angle. We intend it to be a fun clever environment where disaster has plenty of opportunity. The things we do and the topics we cover will be eclectic. Each term will focus on a theme but will stray a bit as we see other interesting things to play with. Term 1 this year we will be looking at Sci-Fi topics. Previously we investigated plastic, looked at the brain and perception (reality), tested ideas in building and construction, looked into Forensics, food Chemistry, Circus Acts, rockets and projectiles and more. We never follow a linear path so who knows what we might do this year?

Find out more and registration here…

Questionable Projects Group

Teens, Thursday 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

This group is for our older members (13+yrs) to have time and space for disrupting the universe, playing games and working on projects. Probably in a 10:40:50 ratio.

Play, Eat, Talk, Code, Make, Test, Panic, Pretend we know what we are doing, Relax.

Find out more and registration…

Technohackers Coding & Robotics Group

Ages 9+, Thursday 3:15 to 5:00pm.

The Technohackers Coding Group is all about getting into coding and dreaming about the cool game your going to make or the slightly insane robot you are going to build. You can start in this group without knowing what you are doing and work towards your own creations. This group is about learning coding and robotics.

Contact Kevin for more information. Participants will ideally have access to a laptop, perseverance and a love of computer games. We have a couple spare laptops and are always looking for not-too-old donations.

Find out more and registration…