Holiday Program

Holiday Program

Here is what we have going on:

Week 1:

MONDAY, 12th: Non-digital Game Day. Board games, card games, D&D, NERF fights and more.

TUESDAY, 13th: Not Serious day. Bring your computer for a social play time with maybe some accidental seriousness.

WEDNESDAY 14th: Serious day. Working on projects or learning something in our social clever space.

FRIDAY 16th: Fix/Break/Recycle Day Dismantle, look inside, recycle or even fix and reuse? Bring electronic junk and almost junk.

Week 2:

TUESDAY 20th: Not Serious day number 2
WEDNESDAY 21st: Serious day number 2


The program is held in the Labs - Manaia House in Rathbone St (ground floor, Dent St end of the building, opposite the Honda dealership). Here is a map

All days open at 8:30am and finish at 5:00pm (5:30 late pickup). We provide plenty of fruit and water. Lunch is always included. There is a cost for the days, but if it is a problem, sponsored spots are available, just ask. Costs vary slightly (see below). After sign-up we will email an invoice for direct deposit. If you have questions, email [email protected] or [email protected]

About the Not Serious Days (Ages 8+) on Tuesday the 12th and 20th July: These days are just for fun. It is for hanging out with friends, playing games, playing more games and then well… probably blowing up a Minecraft world or something.
Cost is $45 and for members is $30

About the Serious Days (Ages 13+) on Wednesday the 13th and 21st July: Being in the Labs on the Serious Days is for making, creating, coding, working on projects, it doesn’t matter what, with friends and a bit of game playing on the side. A brain expanding day of questionable project time. Know your plan before you arrive. On Serious Days we will keep on going into the evening (as with our normal Thursday Questionable Project group) so if you are staying late bring cash ($8) for our shared dinner.
Cost is $45 and for members is $30

About the Non-Digital Game Day (Ages 9+) on Monday 12th July: A day full of everything you’ve always wanted to play: Dungeons & Dragons, board games, card games, weird theatreform games, NERF fights, live action role plays… and more! Bring your own games, if you want to (not necessary). Cost is $30 for everyone

About the Fix/Break/Recycle Day (Ages 9+) on Friday 16th July: Bring in your random electronic junk that would be good to disassemble and recycled, or perhaps even fixed? or maybe mutated into something else. This is a pull apart, look inside, hands-on day. Parents and adult whānau are most welcome. Bring your own electronic junk if you have some (we have some as well) Cost for kids/youth $30 and for supporting parents/adult whānau $10

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