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23 April 2021

April Holidays email

Hello all, A week of holidays to go before the new term, here is what you need to know. This is the most important email of the term and it is a good idea to read to the end


Term 2:

Five One-off Events:

  1. Book launch in the lab, Sat 1st May at 3pm. This is an open invite. More info here
  2. Questionable Intent - Our grownups food tech day number 2 on Sat 8th May. We will be making and of course tasting Cheese / Beer / Gin / Cider / Coffee / kombucha / and more. This time it will be in the Lab not the barn. More info here.
  3. Early July is the Bad Ideas Hackathon - a one day event we will go to in Auckland where the goal is to make the best thing that is completely useless or no one needs. We will have access to the Auckland Uni Makerspace. This is for teens and adults with creativity and a sense of humor. It will be a NZ version of this sort of thing http://www.stupidhackathon.com/ Exact date to be confirmed.
  4. Late July is KiwiJam - 48hr Game development competition in Auckland. We will travel down with a Teen group again. What clever gamified goodness will emerge this time? https://kiwijam.org/ Exact date to be confirmed.
  5. GovHack - Aug 20th. This is a full weekend event to create an application that uses public/government data for social good. We will have a Northland Node run from the Lab. https://govhack.org/
  6. Parents Evening: No date yet but end of May/start of June.
  7. Other things: To be announced when ideas are more fully formed.

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Account info here. When we do charge extra for events, please do not let the cost be a barrier, there are always sponsored spaces if needed.

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