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Holiday Events

Here are the events being held at Questionable Research Labs over the January holidays

Full day QRL Events

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Information applying to both days

Serious Days

Being in the Labs on the serious days, is for making, creating, coding, working on projects, it doesn’t matter what, with friends and a bit of game playing on the side. A brain expanding day of seriously questionable stuff.

Non-Serious days

These days are just for fun. It is for hanging out with friends, playing games, playing more games and then well… probably blowing up a minecraft world or something.

Argolia Minecraft Day


This is an all day Minecraft adventure to save the world of Argolia. If you play minecraft this is THE day for you. SAVE THE WORLD! This minecraft game/story has been developed by our Zac and friends.

We ideally need at least 25 people so ask around and invite other minecraft fanatics. See the website for details.

Adult Day

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Saturday 16th: Make a CHEESE, Brew a BEER, Distill a GIN

We are doing something for us less-young people. This is meant to be a relaxed, social get-together. And maybe learning something, as we brew a beer, distill a gin and make some cheese. This will be in a barn about 40 minutes out of Whangarei. If you are interested here is a bit more information.

Camping in the Labs

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Additional Days

Older Member

The labs will be open on weekdays to the older members (14+) for casual use when we don’t have a formal event/activity. I will be providing a calendar later that will be more specific. On some days they will be open late.

Younger Members

Younger members (under 14) who would like to spend a day in the labs during the holidays can do this if we have notice so we can match them up with an older member for babysitting (up to 2 younger members per older member). The parent/guardian is expected to provide an appropriate allowance directly to the minder. I think this is a good way for our teens to earn a bit of cash and for parents who need a break/have something on, to do so. I (Kevin) will be in the building or another adult will be around if needed.