Mass Rickroll

1 minute to read Written By: Jasper M-W 2021-08-05

This is a system where via multiple methods, a client connects to a remote server where anyone can trigger an event to rickroll everyone connected simultaneously.

The Core Infrastructure

A script runs on the computer, and connects to a websocket running on the server, and just waits in the background for the rick event, where it opens a browser to the classic rick roll. It stays in the background, continuing to serve events until the computer shutdown or the program is manually quit. It was decided against to include persistance, as that could easily make a messy situation.

The Carriers

There was multiple methods of getting the script downloaded and run, but most of the time it was done by two different forms of a bad usb.

Beetle Arduino (Budget Bad USB)

This is just a normal arduino, except most of the board area is the male USB A connector, and it can emulate keyboards very well. This means it connects, installs its drivers, then opens the run prompt and downloads the script like any other Bad USB.

An Actual Bad USB

We also got it working on an actual Bad USB which runs ducky script. This one doesn’t need to install drivers, making it a lot more powerful and discrete.

Members involved in this project
Nathan Hare Taine Reader Jasper M-W