1 minute to read Written By: Nathan Hare 2021-01-04

Github Repo

This was a plugin I have made to use on the techocraft server ( if you are interested). I made it because we had some random, fun, and some utility functions for us to use on the server

What it does

It has three main functions

Logging blocks placed, broken, and inventories interacted with

This was the initial use of the plugin, we wanted to make a system which would allow us to see what our player were doing on the server.

Fun commands

This was just some fun that we wanted to have. Three main commands exist:

  1. /bee: show the text: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly.
  2. /givebaton: gives a user a knockback sick with large knockback.
  3. /discord: Prints information about the discord server, the code is 5DUfCw2 if you are interested

Discord Integration

I added some discord integration to allow us to see information and control from discord. From discord, pseudo hardcore mode can be enabled, or disabled as well as the giveabton command. You can also see what players are online. The plugin will also send a message if server is shutting down or stating up.

Pseudo hardcore mode

For one server that we run, if a player dies, then they are banned for 12 hrs before the can join again. Part of the plugin automates this, so that if a server is in hardcore mode, it will ban players who die for 12 hrs.

Members involved in this project
Nathan Hare Taine Reader