Questionable Research Labs runs on a Patronage model.

General Principles

Group Attendance is Free
* We will NEVER let money be a barrier to your participation.
* Patrons support us.
* Patrons do not need to be attending
* You do not need to be a Patron to attend.
* Some Events might have a cost - but if cost is a barrier there are sponsors, just ask.


To be a Member of Questionable Research Labs and attend our groups you need only to sign-up. Yes that is all. Here is the 2024 membership form. To attend one or more of the groups you will need to let us know first so we can fit you in. See the Groups Page for the links to the “I would like to come” forms.

One off events, workshops and general holiday activities will have a separate sign-up form. To attend these you should always use those forms so we know you are coming.


Please become a patron to support what we do. Patrons set up a regular, repeating deposit via online banking. We suggest $5 to $15 per week. Smaller amounts are most welcome and naturally larger amounts are VERY appreciated. Being a patron is about supporting the development of a clever, creative, entrepreneurial culture in Northland. It is all about growing our Northland community in a positive way. Here is the account number: 38-9023-0603067-00 Use something in the reference that identifies you.

We are a registered charity and at the years end we will provide a donation receipt for claiming back your tax.


For organizations wanting to support our activity in a way that is compatible with growing their business please talk to us. We can provide excellent promotional opportunities and we are always looking for resources and services as well as funding. For individuals looking to provide targeted support, we are very happy to work with you on those goals.

Other ways to contribute

Extra People Power to run our space is always welcome. From help with cleaning-up right through to help with teaching a group. Come and have a chat.


To keep in touch with things going on, complete the membership form further below OR just sign-up for the irregular Email Newsletters.