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Questionable Research Labs runs on a membership model. Think of it like a gym membership but for the brain instead.

Membership, Sponsorship and single term Subs (info below), means you are supporting the development of a playful space in our community’s culture where geekiness thrives. An incubator for the sparky ideas that are the foundation for future innovation and discovery. In supporting us, you are helping to create a clever community.

The 2021 registration form can be found here.

General Principles

Do not let money to get in the way of participation.

If the cost is a barrier just talk to us. There can be other ways to contribute.

Donations and sponsorship offers are always appreciated.


Members provide ongoing support via setting up a repeating direct deposit payment of $10 per week (or more if that seems appropriate) via online banking.

This is the account to use for payments: 38-9005-0061268-00

Put your membership number as the reference (ask if you don’t have it). You can do this at whatever interval works for you (weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc).


For individuals wanting to support our activity, the simplest thing to do is to join as an inactive supporting member (as above) with a regular direct deposit setup. This is very valuable support.

Ultimately, we will be looking for a dedicated space to become our cultural hub and playground. We are in the process of registering for charitable status.